Survey for our Setlist

On our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cactribute/ you can vote for the next song for our setlist until the end of the mounth.


Concert cancellation part 5

We had the hope, but unfortunately it didn’t work. The Rock Is Law has to be cancelled or postponed. As soon as there is a new appointment, we will continue to try to be there and are looking forward to be on a stage very soon

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Thank You Benner!

Thank you Benner! (2016-2020) The time has come and the decision has been made, for now on you will be 1000 % focused at Dying Empire! Your priority was always DYEM and with the new album the time is just too short to have an second band. We are looking back on 4 magnificent years and I am truly grateful that you made CaC what it is today! So here is our first conversation on Facebook ;).
06.09.16, 11:02
Hello, I heard you’re a drummer? Are you looking for another band or want a 2 project?
(Ben Ner)
Hello! Yes, i am a Drummer, thats right and i am more than busy with my actual band. But it depends essentially on what the plans are behind your band is. Speak if there is a good concept behind it and / or great ambitions, I would think about limiting my personal life a little further 😀 What do you have in mind?
#goodbyebenner #teamcac


Happy Birthday

This week was Peter Tägtgrens birthday (mastermind behind Hypocrisy, Pain and Lindemann). Not only we owe him a lot and we want to wish him all the best, health and of course a lot of time for the new album 😉 😉
#teamcac #happybirthday #petertägtgren


Concert cancellation part 4

The Protzen Open Air is also affected by the crisis and will be postponed to 18.- 20.06.2021. Of course we are still part of the festival and looking forward to celebrating with you next year!!


Concert cancellation part 3

When the 15.05. doesn’t work, so unfortunately not the 16.05.2020 in Löbau with NALAR and Iron Blade. We are looking for a new date and get you in touch!


Concert cancellation part 2

Another concert cancellations because of Corona. This one is about the tribute night with Blood Fire Death (Bathory Tribute Band) from 15.05.2020. We are currently looking for a new date and will tell you the replacement date you as soon as possible.


Concert cancellation part 1

Today we have a slightly less good news for you. Maybe somehow have already noticed, that the Rock & Metal Day’z have to be postponed for 1 year due to the corona crisis. Of course, we will be part of the event in 2021 and hope you will support the festival next year as well!!
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All good things are 3

All good things are 3 in terms of our lates revealed concerts and this gig is going to be avery special one. It’s going to the Fellfresse Wismar and together with Dead Remains, Strydegor and Nero Doctrine we celebrate the 18th birthday of the Location. If that’s not something! We are looking forward to see you!

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Happy Easter

Of course and despite the current situation, we wish you a happy Easter too! As a little encouragement, or if you missed it, here’s the link to our livestream with our full In Flames Open Air Show from 2018!!!!
#inflammenopenair #ostern #teamcac