Like a Fire in the Sky

Probably a few of you have already noticed that the building in which our rehearsal room was located recently caught fire and is now a ruin! But fortunately only partially! The last quarter of the building complex was saved thanks to a fire protection wall and after we were finally able to enter and clear our room, we can now tell you that we were luckier than you can imagine by these pictures and videos! So it goes on and apart from a few things which now have to be replaced due to the extinguishing water and some mold, everything important has been preserved and is ready for use! With that in mind, see you in 1.5 weeks!!



Time to say Goodbye

You should stop when it’s most beautiful, right? We don’t know what the future holds, but what is certain is that Steven left our #teamcac to pursue other goals and priorities in his life. We thank you very much for the time together and wish you all the best on your further paths!
However, the planned concerts will continue to take place 100% because we received the information in good time, so that we had the chance to prepare for it!


New Concert!!

After the festival is before the festival and after some cancellations, as well as played 2 great festivals, here is another concert confirmation! The Borderline Metal Fest near the Czech border! We look forward to you!


Thank you Protzen!!

Thank you Protzen Open Air!! It was a great experience playing in front of you! Thanks to everyone who came out to our Hypocrisy Tribute Show after Benediction. Also Thank you to the entire crew, everyone else who was involved, and especially Stefan Fauth for the sound <3 and last but not least Mario for this opportunity!


Time for some Liverecordings

It starts this Friday! The long-awaited gig at the Protzen Open Air and it will also be captured on video too! We are look forward to see you!


its a curse or isnt it?

Now it hits us for the 3rd time and another concert has to be cancelled. We hope that it will work out in Leipzig at some point in the future! The gig including the video recording at the Protzten Open Air is still on and we are really looking forward to it. Therefore we will have more time to celebrate with you there for the whole Saturday too!


CaC Destroys Protzten

Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken and this year after a long wait at the WOA again! Let’s try something similar in a smaller format at the Protzen Open Air and capture the whole thing with picture and sound! True to the motto: Chaos and Confusion Destroys Protzen!


Live Abduction Version 2.0


Today live at the Rock and Metal Dayz

Today Rock & Metal Day’z !! The show starts 06:10 pm !!


Rock and Metal Dayz 2022

It starts this weekend! Rock & Metal Day’z Festival and that for a good cause too, there’s no better way to start the festival season or?